The DuroMax XP13000EH Generator Conversion Kit

  We also have a kit for the DuroMax XP13000EH This is a very nice unit, one of our best selling kits if you have one of these generators you know what I'm taking about. But there is one problem, dealing with that darn gasoline having to store and having enough on hand for when you need it, also  lets not forget your carburetor getting gummed up as your generator sits there not being used, then when you need it, it won't start. Many people have turned to alternative fuels. We sale Natural gas kits if you have Natural gas service in your neighborhood if not we also sale Propane kits. If your curious about the process of converting your generator click the video below. Duromax Xp13000EH Video You can also visit our website  Our DuroMax generator page If you want to go directly to our Propane page click  here Or our Natural gas page click   here

New video Dewalt DXGN 14000

I finished my newest video   The DEWALT DXGN14000 is designed with the professional contractor or rental operator in mind. This unit is powered by a 688cc Honda GX630 electric start OHV engine with auto shut off for low oil. The premium alternator provides low harmonic distortion. The large 10 Gal. tank with fuel gauge runs up to 8 hours at 50% load. If your looking into converting this unit to Propane or Natural Gas I can help with that. Propane Kit Natural Gas Kit Dewalt DXGN14000 Video

Powerhorse 4500i Inverter

  Powerhorse 4500i Inverter This Powerhorse Inverter Generator provides super-quiet operation  clean power for safely running tools, appliances and electronics. Great for camping, tailgating and outdoor recreation and entertaining. If your looking into converting to Natural Gas or Propane I can help you with that. Natural Gas kit Propane Powerhorse 4500i Video

Two more custom kit video's

  I have finished two more custom kits that are up on the website they are the Generac XG8000E you can find this custom kit by clicking a link below Propane Kit page Natural Gas Kit page Generac XG8000E Video Powerhorse 2300i Inverter propane only you can find this custom kit by clicking a link below Propane Kit page 2300i Video

Generac iQ3500 Inverter

 Generac iQ3500 Watt Inverter Generator Quieter. More powerful. Easy to start. The new 1Q3500 inverter  generator lets you being power wherever life takes you. From tailgating parties to camping trips and beyond. The durable, yet lightweight design is specifically engineered for easy portability. If your looking into converting to Natural Gas or Propane I can help you with that. Propane Kit Natural Gas Kit Generac iQ3500 Video

Message from PNG

In this Blog we talk about new kits that I have developed, of course we would love to have custom kits for all of the generators and inverters that are on the market today but that is a very hard task to accomplish. We are a small business with under five employees So it does take some time to develop the custom kits a lot of R&D takes place but we strive to accomplish this so we can get them on our website for our customers. We hope you enjoy the blog it is something new to us and we will try our best to keep it up-to-date enjoy our site. Message from Matt Click here to visit my Website